De Bonne Facture

Parisian brand De Bonne Facture takes it’s name from the old French saying meaning ‘well made’. The resultant clothes certainly do not disappoint, crafted from globally sourced premium fabrics by specialist ateliers the quality and attention to detail is palpable. Visually the emphasis is on casually elegant and understated pieces that will stand the test of time and age gracefully rather than fall out of fashion quickly.

This season is inspired by the 1953 film “Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot” by Jacques Tati, a famous French cinematographer, actor and mime. Filmed around Brittany beach landscapes, muted sunlight, and a classic French Atlantic coast vacation hotel with typical striped beach tents. Style inspirations are drawn from the holiday goers and locals of this film and updated by De Bonne Facture.

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