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The Real McCoy''s London

For years The Real McCoy''s founder, Hitoshi Tsujimoto, has aspired to having a store presence outside of Japan and in late 2014 that became a reality with flagship openings in New York and London.

The store located at 15 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, focuses on signature pieces such as the coveted A-2 flight jackets, US Navy classics, incredible loopwheel sweats, hand crafted denim and footwear. Along with McCoy''s exclusives, it also features a small hand picked selection of accompanying product from The Superior Labor, Trickers and Viberg Boots.

All Real McCoy''s products are made in Japan by factories closely controlled by the brand themselves, ensuring state of the art quality that equals and in some cases surpasses the originals. The often cited strap line, “Ultimate Seeker” is not used lightly, if its not the best, McCoy’s don’t produce it.

The Real McCoy''s London
15 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden

Conrad Leach ''Lucky 13''

Conrad Leach is a British born artist who now resides in the USA. His contemporary graphic and Pop-art inspired work is associated mostly with custom motorcycle culture and celebrity portraiture. 

For the opening of The Real McCoy''s London an exclusive edition of his most well known and celebrated work, entitled ''Lucky 13'', was commissioned especially. 

Along with the original piece, 60 signed and numbered prints were also made and are now available for purchase at the London store and online at Superdenim exclusively.



Our first of a continuing series of Superdenim styled lookbooks is a mature mix of classic looks. Highlighting our outerwear selection from The Real McCoy''s completed with pieces from Nigel Cabourn and orSlow plus a selection of our footwear range from Viberg and Tricker''s.

The Real McCoys M-65 (2 Years Wear)

The Real McCoy’s excel in taking original and iconic pieces and not only replicating but, in our opinion improving them. The M-65 is not only a timeless piece but also one of the most sought after jackets from the Japanese brand, and with good reason. Of Course you can pick up one for a fraction of the price from your local Army Navy store, however it will lack the obsessive attention to detail and quality we’ve come to expect from Hitoshi Tsujimoto’s establishment.

As you can see the images speak for themselves, a regularly worn for just less than two years McCoy’s M-65 ages exactly how you’d want it to and should remain a staple item in your wardrobe from years to come.


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Shinki Leather Tannery, Japan - Part 1

Shinki Leather Tannery

During our trip to the Real McCoy’s factory earlier this year, we asked if a visit to the Shinki horse hide tannery could be arranged. We had heard so much about the leather it produced - and as the main supplier to McCoy’s - it seemed apt that we should stop by. However, getting access to the tannery is extremely difficult and it’s not easy to get an invite, but after some negotiations we were granted a rare opportunity to explore.

Shinki specialises in horse hide tanning and imports the best quality hides from Poland and France. To see them arrive as salted flesh, and then see the finished product was a revelation and a huge testimony to the craftsmanship involved.

The Real McCoy''s - Flight Jacket Production

We also visited Kobe in Japan to see our good friends at The Real McCoy''s. One of the highlights was an afternoon watching the production of two of their most celebrated pieces; the A-1 and A-2 Flight Jackets.

They have a sterling reputation and it’s clear to see why. Each piece of clothing is expertly handled and executed by a dedicated team. It takes years to learn these skills and the workers we photographed have stayed loyal to the brand for much of their career.

It was without a doubt a truly breath-taking experience, not just for a fan of the brand but for any admirer of true craftsmanship.